Fly by Night

Episode 2

More questions than answers

“Did you hear that?” questioned Jen’zel as he looked around the crowed street. The Twi’lek’s head turn side to side in quick fashion while his body did a three sixty and continued to walk towards the docking bay. “I did not hear anything that was out of the ordinary for a city of this size,” answered Kalliampia the Wookie bodyguard. “I must be hearing things,” Jen’zel stated while still looking about. The pair came up to the docking bay where the Casual Observer was in docking waiting for Cable the engineer to finish installing the Ion motivator they got last week. “Well, I just paid another week’s dockage,” Cal said as he was looking at the pitiful amount of credits that the crew had. “We need to get a job, so we can see if the Observer is ready and to refill our bank account. I’m going to see if Zyn has any jobs that will be able to fit that bill,” replied Cal to no one at all. The Winking Rancor sits on a side street in Worlport. It is not on the main through-way, but the real gamblers know that they have better odds here than in the major casinos on the main strip. Cal strode up to a tall alien and nods towards the back door of the hallway. The greeter gives a grunt and escorts Cal to the back. The office was dimly lit and a human not much older then Cal sat behind a desk. “Captian Durro, what brings you out to grace me with your presence?” the casino owner asked. “I was wondering if you had any cargo jobs?” answered Cal looking around the office. The crime lord grabs a data pad off his desk and begins to look though it. “Mmmm, I think that I just do have one. I need to have a shipment delivered to Corellia. The shipment needs to be, I should I put this..void of any Imperial snoops,”. “My crew can handle that. What is the contact’s name on Corillia?” Cal asked looking at Zyn. “The name is Revia Maximus,” Zyn answered. “You can get a hold of him at his bar called the Lone Blaster,”. “Great, we will get going as soon as you can get the cargo on board,” Cal stated. At the Lone Blaster Cal meets the contact Mr. Maximus. He explains that they need to pay off the spaceport patrol, so they can unload the cargo. Cal and Jen’zel track down Nicademus Ordo who is on duty tonight. They offered him a cut of the pay off and he tells them that the unload will go unhindered. At the appointed time a couple of guys come and unload the cargo. The next day Cal decides to go and see his mother and tell her about his father. The residence of Cal’s mother is a apartment building in a middle class area of the next city on Corillia. Cal decides to go into the apartment. The apartment was void of life, but everything was still in place. Cal looked around and noticed that it has been about five days since his mother was there. A knock came to the door and Cal answered it. Standing at the door is Cal’s fathers engineer friend Zef Veir. “Cal, what are you doing here?” question Zef with a surprised look on his face. “I’m in town and I wanted to see mother. Have you seen her?” Cal asked. “I have not I haven’t seen her in a week and that is why I stopped by. You need to go report this right away, Cal. Your mother could be in danger,” Zef said. “I will go with you and show you the local law enforcement office,” “Fair enough,” stated Cal. Jen’zel and Kalliampia meanwhile are having a drink at an outside cafĂ©. They notice that Cal is walking down the street. They make a note about and continue to discuss how Cal’s mother might be having an affair with different men. Zef and Cal walk to the law enforcement office. Zef explains what happens and tell Cal that he needs to get back to work and gives him his number. As he leaves Jen’zel and Kalliampia comes into the building. Cal explains what happened back at the apartment. A young Lt comes into the waiting room and tells Cal to come into his office. After an hour of being interrogation Cal comes back to the waiting room looking like a bad piece of road. “They think that I killed my mother,” stated Cal with a blank stare on his face. “Well, we better go back and find out what we can,” Jen’zel stated. Walking back to the apartment the three notice that they are being followed by a person who is wearing a hooded cloak. “Looks like we picked up a interested party,” Jen’zel tells the two others. “Let’s split up and meet at the apartment,” answered back Cal staying on the same path, while Jen’zel and Kalliampia went left down a side street. Cal walks into the lobby of the apartment building and finds a spot that he can watch the door to see who comes into the building. Fifteen minutes pass and in walks Jen’zel and Kalliampia. “Did you see anybody following you two,” “Nope, did he come in here?” Jen’zel asked as he looked around the lobby. “No he didn’t,” Cal answered. The three head up to the apartment and begin to look for any clues inside the apartment. After about 20 minutes Cal founds his mother’s personal holo dairy. “I found mother’s personal holo dairy, but it’s lock, maybe Cable can slice it,” Cal said as he heads back to the main room where Jen’zel and Kalliampia are looking at the door’s data pad. “I think we can get some information off of this,” stated Jen’zel. Looking at the information provides that there were the last people to enter the apartment and Cal’s mother was last in there five days ago. “Crap, there must be more information on it; but’s its locked,” a frustrated Cal said. At the moment the trio hears footsteps outside the door and looks at the data pad to see that the Imperial agent is back with two stormtroopers. “We got to get out of here some here,” whispered Cal. “We could go hide or perhaps go out to the balcony,” asked Jen’zel. There is a Wookie yell and a shot of sparks as Kalliampia rips the data pad off the wall and seals the door and all the windows shut. “Or we can do that,” stated Jen’zel looking at his bodyguard with a look of disgust. “To the balcony,” Cal said as he raced to the window. “Kallimapia see if you can open it,” Cal said to the Wookie. Kalliampia grabs the window and rips it open and jumps off the balcony to an oncoming speeder, with the other right behind him. “Let the wookie drive,” shouts Jen’zel to the frightened driver. The speeder powers down as it descends to the street level. The three hop out and Jen’zel yells a parting thanks as the trio runs to the train station to head back to the spaceport. “I can’t get into the data pad, but I can get into your mother’s holo dairy,” Cable said as he hands the dairy back to Cal. “It seems that she went to Ord Mantell to go on vacation and to see what happened to her husband,” Cable reported to Cal as he grabbed a hydrospanner. “Well, that is good to know that she is not dead,” Cal said walking to the cockpit and getting the Observer ready for take off. Meanwhile, Jen’zel and Kalliampia went to find the contact for tonight. He lives in a middle class part of the city. “Yes,” he answered eyeing the wookie with some fear as he greeted the two in the hallway. “We are interested in completing a deal tonight while you are on duty,” Jen’zel told him. “Ok, my price is 10% of the take can you two swing that,” asked Ordo. “Sure can,” shot back Jen’zel. “What time tonight,” asked Ordo. “Midnight,” answered Jen’zel. At the hour a group of men come and Ordo takes his break as the cargo is unloaded “Let’s get off,” states Cal as he pilots the Casual Observer out of planet.


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