Fly by Night

Episode 2
More questions than answers
“Did you hear that?” questioned Jen’zel as he looked around the crowed street. The Twi’lek’s head turn side to side in quick fashion while his body did a three sixty and continued to walk towards the docking bay. “I did not hear anything that was out of the ordinary for a city of this size,” answered Kalliampia the Wookie bodyguard. “I must be hearing things,” Jen’zel stated while still looking about. The pair came up to the docking bay where the Casual Observer was in docking waiting for Cable the engineer to finish installing the Ion motivator they got last week. “Well, I just paid another week’s dockage,” Cal said as he was looking at the pitiful amount of credits that the crew had. “We need to get a job, so we can see if the Observer is ready and to refill our bank account. I’m going to see if Zyn has any jobs that will be able to fit that bill,” replied Cal to no one at all. The Winking Rancor sits on a side street in Worlport. It is not on the main through-way, but the real gamblers know that they have better odds here than in the major casinos on the main strip. Cal strode up to a tall alien and nods towards the back door of the hallway. The greeter gives a grunt and escorts Cal to the back. The office was dimly lit and a human not much older then Cal sat behind a desk. “Captian Durro, what brings you out to grace me with your presence?” the casino owner asked. “I was wondering if you had any cargo jobs?” answered Cal looking around the office. The crime lord grabs a data pad off his desk and begins to look though it. “Mmmm, I think that I just do have one. I need to have a shipment delivered to Corellia. The shipment needs to be, I should I put this..void of any Imperial snoops,”. “My crew can handle that. What is the contact’s name on Corillia?” Cal asked looking at Zyn. “The name is Revia Maximus,” Zyn answered. “You can get a hold of him at his bar called the Lone Blaster,”. “Great, we will get going as soon as you can get the cargo on board,” Cal stated. At the Lone Blaster Cal meets the contact Mr. Maximus. He explains that they need to pay off the spaceport patrol, so they can unload the cargo. Cal and Jen’zel track down Nicademus Ordo who is on duty tonight. They offered him a cut of the pay off and he tells them that the unload will go unhindered. At the appointed time a couple of guys come and unload the cargo. The next day Cal decides to go and see his mother and tell her about his father. The residence of Cal’s mother is a apartment building in a middle class area of the next city on Corillia. Cal decides to go into the apartment. The apartment was void of life, but everything was still in place. Cal looked around and noticed that it has been about five days since his mother was there. A knock came to the door and Cal answered it. Standing at the door is Cal’s fathers engineer friend Zef Veir. “Cal, what are you doing here?” question Zef with a surprised look on his face. “I’m in town and I wanted to see mother. Have you seen her?” Cal asked. “I have not I haven’t seen her in a week and that is why I stopped by. You need to go report this right away, Cal. Your mother could be in danger,” Zef said. “I will go with you and show you the local law enforcement office,” “Fair enough,” stated Cal. Jen’zel and Kalliampia meanwhile are having a drink at an outside cafĂ©. They notice that Cal is walking down the street. They make a note about and continue to discuss how Cal’s mother might be having an affair with different men. Zef and Cal walk to the law enforcement office. Zef explains what happens and tell Cal that he needs to get back to work and gives him his number. As he leaves Jen’zel and Kalliampia comes into the building. Cal explains what happened back at the apartment. A young Lt comes into the waiting room and tells Cal to come into his office. After an hour of being interrogation Cal comes back to the waiting room looking like a bad piece of road. “They think that I killed my mother,” stated Cal with a blank stare on his face. “Well, we better go back and find out what we can,” Jen’zel stated. Walking back to the apartment the three notice that they are being followed by a person who is wearing a hooded cloak. “Looks like we picked up a interested party,” Jen’zel tells the two others. “Let’s split up and meet at the apartment,” answered back Cal staying on the same path, while Jen’zel and Kalliampia went left down a side street. Cal walks into the lobby of the apartment building and finds a spot that he can watch the door to see who comes into the building. Fifteen minutes pass and in walks Jen’zel and Kalliampia. “Did you see anybody following you two,” “Nope, did he come in here?” Jen’zel asked as he looked around the lobby. “No he didn’t,” Cal answered. The three head up to the apartment and begin to look for any clues inside the apartment. After about 20 minutes Cal founds his mother’s personal holo dairy. “I found mother’s personal holo dairy, but it’s lock, maybe Cable can slice it,” Cal said as he heads back to the main room where Jen’zel and Kalliampia are looking at the door’s data pad. “I think we can get some information off of this,” stated Jen’zel. Looking at the information provides that there were the last people to enter the apartment and Cal’s mother was last in there five days ago. “Crap, there must be more information on it; but’s its locked,” a frustrated Cal said. At the moment the trio hears footsteps outside the door and looks at the data pad to see that the Imperial agent is back with two stormtroopers. “We got to get out of here some here,” whispered Cal. “We could go hide or perhaps go out to the balcony,” asked Jen’zel. There is a Wookie yell and a shot of sparks as Kalliampia rips the data pad off the wall and seals the door and all the windows shut. “Or we can do that,” stated Jen’zel looking at his bodyguard with a look of disgust. “To the balcony,” Cal said as he raced to the window. “Kallimapia see if you can open it,” Cal said to the Wookie. Kalliampia grabs the window and rips it open and jumps off the balcony to an oncoming speeder, with the other right behind him. “Let the wookie drive,” shouts Jen’zel to the frightened driver. The speeder powers down as it descends to the street level. The three hop out and Jen’zel yells a parting thanks as the trio runs to the train station to head back to the spaceport. “I can’t get into the data pad, but I can get into your mother’s holo dairy,” Cable said as he hands the dairy back to Cal. “It seems that she went to Ord Mantell to go on vacation and to see what happened to her husband,” Cable reported to Cal as he grabbed a hydrospanner. “Well, that is good to know that she is not dead,” Cal said walking to the cockpit and getting the Observer ready for take off. Meanwhile, Jen’zel and Kalliampia went to find the contact for tonight. He lives in a middle class part of the city. “Yes,” he answered eyeing the wookie with some fear as he greeted the two in the hallway. “We are interested in completing a deal tonight while you are on duty,” Jen’zel told him. “Ok, my price is 10% of the take can you two swing that,” asked Ordo. “Sure can,” shot back Jen’zel. “What time tonight,” asked Ordo. “Midnight,” answered Jen’zel. At the hour a group of men come and Ordo takes his break as the cargo is unloaded “Let’s get off,” states Cal as he pilots the Casual Observer out of planet.
Episode 1
A New Begining

“Excuse me, Captain Durro?” the space port administer asked as he walked up to the Cal. Cal gave a quick glance at the human and offered a smile in return to the question. “I am sorry to brother you, but the docking fee is up for your ship.” “Really, already?” answered Cal in a disarming response. “Afraid so, it’s 300 credits.” “300? Here you go and have a great day.” Cal stated as he dug into his vest pocket and handed over the credits. As the administer walks away looking satisfied, Cal goes into the Casual Observer. The sound of working fills the engineer department as a human covered in grease is wrestling with a piece of the engine. “We need to get a job I am down to about 150 credits, since the dockage come due on the ship.” “Let me see what I can dig up.” a Rodian Bounty Hunter named Roady answers back at Cal’s statement.
p. The city of Worlport on the planet of Ord Mantell is a hive for smugglers and people who want to make a quick credit. The casinos are ran by all manner of people, some honest; some not so much. Walking the streets at dusk Roady uses his contacts to find a prospective bounty. A local crime lord by the name of Ald Zyn is looking for a smuggler who has ran afoul of him. Ald Zyn owns several Cantinas and smaller casinos. Roady is escorted to the back of the Winking Rancor the casino that Zyn owns. “I understand you are looking for work, hunter?” questions Zyn who looks over the Rodian with a careful eye. “Indeed, I am.” answers the hunter. “I have a person that I need to locate and to question. His is a smuggler and goes by the name of Delvin To’shell.” Zyn states. “The reward?” Roady asks. Zyn answers “500 credits.”. Roady decides to try and to negotiate a sweater deal, which backfires on him and the time limit is within one rotation, but there is a bonus if he is captured alive. Walking from the back office Roady spies Cal and Jen’zel at the bar of the cantina. Telling them of the bounty and the terms of it the three of them decide to hit the casinos and find the smuggler. They find out though asking people around the sector of the city that a human smuggler of the name of Devin hangs out at the casino Throw me a bone. p. The casino is a three story building that is shaped like a pyramid. The crew decides to split up and each one taking a floor. After an hour of questioning they found out that Delvin comes to the casino at a set time, which is was two hours from now. They decide to have supper and wait. At the time they arrive at the casino and head to the third floor where they had information that Delvin played on the third floor. Jen’zel was playing Sabbacc when a human sits down next to him. “Bet, please gentlemen.” the dealer says. Jen’zel places his, while Delvin places his. Jen’zel wins the next three hands to the dismay of Delvin. “Why don’t we go down for a drink and I’ll buy.” Jen’zel asks. “Sure you first into the elevator.” Delvin answers back. As the lift doors close Delvin pulls a hold out pistol out of his jacket. “Who the hell are you?”Delvin shouts as he jabs the blaster into Jen’zel’s ribs. “Whoa, whoa, I just want to buy you a drink!” shoots back Jen’zel. The lift comes to stop at the second floor and Delvin shoves Jen’zel out and the lift continues to the first floor.
p. Roady and Cal sees Delvin and Jen’zel go into the lift and realizes that there is only one lift that goes to this floor. Not seeing any stairs they decide to jump out the window. Roady tries to jump and slips on the moisture on the window sill from the cool night and lands on his rump. Cal decides to use a rain spout to shimmy himself down and as he lands in the alley he sees Delvin round the corner and into another alley. Cal takes off in pursuit of Delvin. Cal rounds the same corner and takes a shot at him with his blaster set to stun. The shot is true and hits Delvin, but not enough to stun him. Cal stumbles as he takes off in pursuit of Delvin after the shot. Rounding the same corner he comes to a empty alley.
p. Roady and Jen’zel catches up and the three decide on the next course of action. Cal calls back to the Causal for help and Kallampia answers and tells them he will be there in a couple of minutes. Jen’zel decides to have a look around and climbs the building to see many rooftops. The rooftops are places where families eat and hang laundry. A father and daughter who are eating supper are surprised to see Jen’zel who asks them if they have seen anybody besides himself; both answer no and then invite him to supper with them. It is a request that the Twi’lek can not turn down.
p. After 20 minutes of trying to track and seek some clues Kallampia the wookie bodyguard of Jen’zel shows up. “Where is he?” asks Kallampia as he looks around at the surrounds. “Up on the roof.” Roady says pointing towards the roof. The wookie shook his head and looked towards the alley. Cal looking around realized that there was a security camera looking down the alley. Following the line they found the building that feed the camera, it was a sector security building. Walking into the building Cal asks the desk if he can view the tape of the back alley. Apparently, the tone Cal used did not sit well with the officer and his answer was no. That was the queue for Kallampia to give his wookie battle yell. The officer not being impressed told the crew to leave. After the crew left the officer told some others to follow them because they might be up to no good.
p. While walking and trying to decide what would be the next course of action, Roady notices that they are being followed by the security patrol. “We need to get rid of these unwanted quest.” Roady states. “Let’s split up and try to lose these guys. I’ll stay on Delvin and let you guys know by commlink where he leads me”. The three others give a nod and split up. Kallampia and Jen’zel go off in on direction, while Roady and Cal continue to follow Delvin. Using superior reflexes Roady and Cal lose their tails and follow Delvin to docking bay 13. The other two where not as successful and it took them longer to lose the tails. After a half an hour the wookie and Twi’lik show up at the docking bay.
p. The crew spies the docking bay, which was flanked by two others and the front was open where customs could inspect the import and exported cargo. "When this ship is done unloading in dock 11 we move into dock 12. “Wait, how do you know which one he is in?” asked Jen’zel. “Easy the ship in 11 is unloading and by asking the customs agent 13 is empty.” smiled Roady. “Good enough for the us.” Jen’zel ribbed the wookie. The crew waits for a couple of hours until the crowd and cargo is gone. Walking up to the side door of the docking bay Jen’zel and Kallampia stand guard, while Roady and Cal sneak up to the loading ramp of Delvin’s ship. Prowling up to the loading ramp Roady hears voices from instead the ship and footsteps approaching. “Someone’s coming!” Roady tells Cal. Delvin’s crew member steps off the landing ramp to get shot by Cal at point blank range. Giving a yell he tries to run back into the ship, but Kallampia is too quick with his bowcaster and gets a shot off. The smuggler trumbles back into the ship and in a feat of speed Kallampia is already on him shoving Cal and Roady out of the way. Jen’zel scrambles up the ramp as the smuggle with his dying action hits the loading ramp button to close the ramp.
p. The crew runs into the ship towards the cargo hold to see Delvin standing behind three more crew members shouting “Get them!”. The crew is too quick for them and Kallampia puts two of them done with one shot. Roady puts the other one down after Cal gives the last smuggler a glancing blow from his blaster. “Fine, fine, I give up don’t shoot!” Delvin screams and he throws his blaster down. “You can come and get the acquisition.” Roady tells Zyn’s muscle over a special commlink given to the hunter for this mission.
p. In about 20 minutes a group of tough looking guys show and hand Roady credits and Zyn’s respect as they tell the crew thanks and the Delvin’s ship now belong to Zyn. Parting with some of the smuggler’s blaster pistols the crew returns to the Casual to tell Cable the news. “Great, but we need to get a Ion motivator for the Casual if we plan on using the ship.” the engineer states. “No, problem. Where can we get one and the price of one?” asks Cal. “Well the going rate is four thousand.” “Ugh, that might be a problem.” Jen’zel says as he looks over the new blasters. “We can go to the junk yard and found one.” Roady states as he grabs the tool kit from the shelve and heads out of the ship.
p. The Worlport junkyard is about the size of a small country. It is filled with all shorts of ships and landspeeders. Droids are busy salvaging parts from the ships and talking with customers. “I need a Ion motivator for a YT-1930.” Cal asks the first droid they come across. “Sir, the YT-1930 is a newly minted ship, why would you need one?” the droid questions. “Mine brunt out. Do you have one or not?” “Not that ship one, but I am sure the CEC ships would have the same Ion motivator. We keep all of these ships at this location on the grid map.” the droid answers as he pulls him a map from his wrist communicator. The crew spends a couple of hours looking for a functional Ion motivator. Roady goes to work and after a couple of trying hours he successfully gets one.
p. “Good day sir, how much for this Ion motivator?” Cal asks the owner of the salvage yard. “That motivator is four thousand.” the human standing behind a counter filled with computer screens. “We’re both business men can’t we come to a understanding?” “No, but you guys look like you can handle a blaster with some proficiency. How about I make you a deal? You guard a shipment that I need delivered to the next town and I’ll give you the part and 250 credits on top of it.” the dealer offers. “That sounds good. What are we guarding and when do we leave?” Cal asks. “It’s a large engine piece and we last two shipments have been attacked and stolen by raiders on the way to the destination. You leave in two hours and my droids will drive the speeder.” “Great, it’s a deal!” Cal extends his hand to shake on the deal.
p. Kallampia and Jen’zel are in the back of the enclosed cargo hold of the speeder with the cargo, while Roady is on the roof. Cal is up in the cab and listens to the Droids complain about the state of affairs on the planet. Three hours into the trip they come across two speeders that have wrecked. The wreck blocks the road, which in turn makes the large speeder that the group is on to pull to a stop. “Be alert. There is an accident up ahead. I’m going to see what that is about.” Cal tells the crew. Walking up to the accident the victims are shouting at each other trying to figure out how to get out this mess. Roady on high alert scans the horizon. Looking behind he sees just as they approach the speeder a group of pirates with blasters drawn. Kallampia and Jen’zel ready’s their weapons as the doors open to the hold. Kallampia shoots the first pirate with his bowcaster and sends him back out the hold. Jen’zel fires a quick shot which forces another pirate to duck behind the large cargo box. The pirates fire at Kallampia as the wookie is cocking his bowcaster and both shots miss. Roady jumps off the roof and rolls into position to fire on the surprised pirates. A quick shot from his blaster downs another pirate. Kallampia’s next shot takes two more pirates down. Jen’zel’s blaster shot hits the fifth right in the chest and falls the pirate. The last pirate gives a parting shot but runs right into a blaster bolt from Roady’s blaster and falls dead.
p. Taking an alterative route to the city the crew delivers the cargo and returns to the salvage yard the next day. Impressed the owner gives them the part and an extra 250 credits. “Ok, lets get this on the ship and give it a shakedown.” Cal says as the crew returns to the Casual.

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