Jen'zel Mark

Twi'lek Fringer


Sold into slavery at a young age, Jen’zel Mark grew up as a servant and cabin boy on a pleasure cruiser running between the Colonies and the Core Worlds. There he learned enough of the inner workings of a starship to become a passable pilot and astrogater. As he grew older, Jen’zel feared that he might be more valuable sold off to do less desirable work (he does NOT dance). So, one night he slipped away and hopped a freighter bound for the Outer Rim.

For the next several years, Jen’zel drifted from ship to ship, odd job to odd job, and planet to planet. One job he took particularly well to was scavenging. He found he had quite the eye for valuable artifacts that could be sold to scholars, treasure hunters and tourists, so he began skulking the various ruins of worlds on the Rim looking for that big score. Returning to his homeworld of Rhyloth to search a newly unearthed Old Republic cruiser, he may have found it. Unfortunately, Jen’zel isn’t the only one who wants this artifact. Some very bad people who wouldn’t hesitate to kill him for it are now on his trail. To add to his troubles, Jen’zel doesn’t even know what the artifact does or how to make it work!

Jen'zel Mark

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